Hilo Intermediate School

2023-2024 School Pictures


School picture taking for Hilo Intermediate School is scheduled on September 11th and 12th.

All students will need to have their photos taken to be included in the yearbook, whether or not you choose to place an order.


Options for Placing Orders:

Please note: We will no longer be taking credit card payments via order envelopes. Credit card payments must be placed through our pre-ordering website. Late credit card orders will not be accepted.


1. Credit or Debit Card: Pre-Order Photos Online

    To pre-order photos online, go to myproimages.com/reedtakaazephotography and enter event code B2M1K. Online pre-orders must be placed by Sunday, September 10th.


    Having trouble finding the student's name?

  • Start by typing in the student's first name, rather than last name.
  • You may need to search without any diacritical marks (eg. 'okina or kahakō).
  • Please note: prepay will not be available for new students (ie. students whose names are not included on the roster provided by the school). If your child is a new student, please use the order form to place your order.


2. Cash or Check: Order Form

    Your school will distribute printed order forms. Please fill out the form completely and legibly, and bring to picture taking with payment enclosed. Click here if you need to download and print your own order form.


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